Wine List

White Wines

Marcel Hubert - Medium Dry – French 11.5%
Pale Gold Lemony aromas with a good clean finish. Best with Chicken, Fish & Summer Salads

Crimson Finch Chardonnay - Dry – Australian 12.5%
Delicious Peach & Melon with Vanilla & Oak. Best with Poultry, Pork, Shellfish & Vegetable Dishes

Cavatina Pinot Grigio - Dry – Italian 12%
From the Triveneto region of Italy this crisp Dry Pinot is ideal with Pasta Dishes & White Meats

Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc - Medium Dry – Californian 12%
Juicy Melon & Pear with a Zesty twist, good with Seafood, Salads & Pasta

Rose Wines

Marcel Hubert Syrah Rose - Dry – French 13%
Vibrant & Refreshing Strawberry flavours, great chilled with Chicken, Pizza & Hors Doeuvres

Cavatina Pinot Grigio Blush - Med Dry – Italian 12%
This Delle Venezie from Triveneto is an ideal accompaniment to Pasta & Salad dishes

Barefoot Refresh Slightly Sparkling - Medium – Californian 10%
A Vibrant wine with hints of Cranberries, great with summer Barbecues

Red Wines

Premier Estates Shiraz - Soft & Smooth – Sicilian 12%
With a peppery aroma this wine offers itself the perfect partner for Lamb & Red Meat Dishes

Cavatina Merlot - Rich & Full – Italian 11%
This well rounded Red from Triveneto with hints of cherry, compliments Meat Dishes & Deep Flavours

Los Picos Cabernet Sauvignon - Soft & Ripe – Chilean 12.5%
Fruity Blackcurrant flavours & a hint of Mellow Spice. Great with meaty Casseroles & Lamb

Campo Dorado Rioja - Full Bodied – Spanish 13.5%
With Intense Smoky Dark Fruit flavours and an Oak finish, this Crianza partners Red meats & Game perfectly

Ricossa Barolo - Intense Full & Robust – Italian DOCG 14%
Produced with Nebbiolo Grapes and aged for at least 3 years (2 in oak barrels), this exceptional wine has garnet hues and an austere but velvety body. At room temperature, Barolo accompanies any good meal

Sparkling Wines

Prosecco Vino Spumante - Extra Dry – Italian 10.5%
A Classic Sparkling wine for any occasion with Lemon flavour & fine Bubbles

‘The House’ Champagne - Dry – French 12.5%
With enticing Biscuit & Brioche Aromas & Lively Sparkle, great for toasts

MOET & CHANDON Imperial Champagne Dry – French 12%
Bright Fruity notes & white flowers compliment fine bubbles & maturity make this distinguished wine